Invisible followers

August 14, 2018


Very early in the morning, I regularly went to the Mosque inside the Indonesian Embassy compound in Singapore. I went there because it is obligatory for a Muslim to perform subuh prayer collectively in a masjid. Besides, There had been nobody using the masjid for either individual or collective prayer in the morning. The masjid had been kept quiet and empty from any regularly religious activities. Tht's was during my tenure in 2009-2012


I felt lucky to have a spirit to perform my shubuh prayer every morning, while everybody was still in a deep sleep. It is not easy to force yourself to do such a thing regularly without any reward or compensation. The driving force is only your iman  and faith on the need to be obedient to Allah, the Ceator of all humankinds.


Normally, as soon as I arrived at the Masjid, I would  switch all the lamps there on and waited for a while until the time for adzan came. I would then perform adzan by myself using microphone so that hopefully my voice would clearly reach everybody’s house surrounding and wake them up to come over. Occasionally, there would be one or two persons, mainly security guards, come to the masjid for joining the prayer. But  most of the time, for about two and a half years, I performed the prayer alone.


When I performed the prayer, I always used microphone pretending that there were my followers in my back. I always assumed at that time that anyone awake would think that there were so many people in the masjid  doing prayer. The fact was... I was alone. I did it merely to invite people to come to the masjid for praying together.


However, my effort to invite people was not very successful. Without any excuse I continued my activity. Slowly but surely, I became more realize that no need to think of whether people would come to meet my religious invitation. I just kept my activity on going in order to maintain my own iman with me all the time.


Very often, I fantasized to have many followers during my shubuh prayer in the masjid so that we could have a collective prayer. How nice it would be. When could it be taken into effect ?  When can my fantasy could be materialized in reality?


The time finally came, my fantasy seemed to happen,  when one morning I was in the middle of my prayer. At the first Rakaah, after reciting surah Al-Fathihah, when I come to the word “waladl-dloolliin”.. then I heard many people in my back said , “aamiin” together. It sounded very clear and in harmony but not very loudly. Mashallaah.. Praised be to Allaah,, Finally I had followers, that was what I thought and said to myself. Nonetheless, it was a bit surprising to learn the fact that at the end of my prayer, after saying “salaam” by shaking my head to the right and the left, I found that actually there was no any single follower there. Nobody was there. No follower existed. What happened to me? Something wrong with my ears?

No. My ears are just fine..for sure.. until now.


(Friday, November 21, 2014)

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